Teaching Christ-like love and the principles of the Kingdom of God here on earth

Serving Love is a Christian organization that believes in Jesus Christ, the true founder of the church. Our greatest mandate is to follow the footsteps of Jesus to fulfill the purpose of the Kingdom of God across the earth. We believe that the essence of the Kingdom of God is the Holy Spirit. We believe that God sits enthroned in heaven, and he is the King of Kings ruling over the Kingdom of heaven and the earth through the great governor, the Holy Spirit.

As a church, besides loving God and one another, we have an assignment to equip the saints with a deeper understanding of the Kingdom of God; who is God, who they are in God, and the nature of the Holy Spirit, the governor in God’s Kingdom.

The majority of the people here on earth have never seen the Kingdom of heaven. But, we have the Holy Spirit, who dwells in us, including you and me. He teaches us day in day out about the Kingdom of heaven-the culture, language, education, lifestyle and many more.

Joel 2: 28

“And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh…..”

With a more profound knowledge about the Kingdom of God, we teach the believers that they should portray the Kingdom of heaven through the Holy Spirit when the natives of this world look at them.

God is love and his love is within your reach today!

Are you a son in the Kingdom of God? Do you have a desire to know God deeper and to understand who you are in Him? The solution is right here! The Holy Spirit, the governor in Heaven’s Kingdom, gives us the power to be called sons of God. He will give you the power to mirror heaven right here on earth because he lives right in you. You can purpose to contact us or join our live stream meeting and experience the Kingdom of God right from where you are!