Kingdom Lifestyle

Jesus came to bring the Kingdom of God, the government of heaven, back on earth. When the Holy Spirit came upon him during baptism at river Jordan, Jesus began his preaching ministry, and his first message was about the Kingdom of God. He was charged with a message of repentance because the Kingdom of heaven had come upon him – it was dwelling in him.
Whenever Jesus went, things just changed since he was full of the Kingdom of heaven. The blind regained their sight, the sick were healed, demons were cast out, there was no lack of resources, the dead were raised back to life, 5000 people were fed, and many more.

As believers who have received the Kingdom of heaven and dwells in us, we have a mandate to proclaim the Kingdom of God here on the earth. We ought to speak and preach heaven’s language because we have received the Holy Spirit, the governor in God’s kingdom and we are his temple and lives in us. This is the only way the natives of the world can associate you and me with the Kingdom of God because the government of heaven lives and manifests in us.